Hydromorphological Expert’s Opinion on Reservoir Flushing

We have asked the engineering office UHM River Engineering, Karlsruhe (Germany) for a statement on the effects of reservoir flushings on the Ötztaler Ache river below the planned hydroelectric power plant up to the estuary into the river Inn. The … Weiterlesen

Politics over facts

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The Tyrolean government makes the impossible possible in issuing a permit that contradicts itself. The nature conservation permit for the Tumpen-Habichen hydropower plant certifies itself that it should not have been issued. It literally says: The Achstürze section of the … Weiterlesen

Statement of the Tyrolean Government – and our reply

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The statement of the office of Vice Governor of the State Joseph Geisler to us Dear Madam or Sir! Thank you very much for your Email to the members of the Tyrolean government concerning the Tumpen-Habichen power plant. On behalf of Vice … Weiterlesen

No mandatory environmental impact assessment for the Tumpen-Habichen power plant – how is that even possible?

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The plans for the Ötz valley are not one hydro power plant – but the exploitation of the entire river Ötztaler Ache instead. The Tumpen-Habichen power plant that is currently under construction is only one of many hydro power projects … Weiterlesen

10,000 objections so far – Thank you!

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Our petition already has been signed over 10,000 times. So in only 6 days 10,000 people have shown their support to keep the Ötztaler Ache flowing freely! Many people have also taken the time to write comments on why the … Weiterlesen

Schon 10.000 Unterschriften bisher – Danke!

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Unsere Petition hat bereits über 10.000 Unterschriften. In nur 6 Tagen haben also 10.000 Menschen unterschrieben, um sich dafür einzusetzen, dass die Ötztaler Ache frei fließend bleibt! Das zeigt: Die Ötztaler Ache ist nicht irgendein Fluss, sie ist erstens schützenswert … Weiterlesen

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