Why is the Ötztaler Ache actually worth protecting?

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The Ötztaler Ache is the largest free-flowing river in Tyrol. Most of its water comes from the huge glaciers in the far end of Ötztal, 13% of the catchment area is glaciated! This is something very special and determines the … Weiterlesen

Petition to stop the Tumpen-Habichen hydro power station – please sign!

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An unauthorised dam is being built right now, on the Ötztaler Ache river, under cover of Corona virus curfews. Developers started building the Tumpen-Habichen power plant without all the legal permissions or answering important legal questions!  The Ötztaler Wasserkraft GmbH … Weiterlesen

Petition gegen das Kraftwerk Tumpen-Habichen – bitte unterschreibt!

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Die Ötztaler Wasserkraft GmbH plant ein Ausleitungskraftwerk oberhalb der Achstürze im Ötztal mit einem Staubecken in Tumpen. Im Schatten der Corona Krise und vor allen Dingen während ganz Tirol unter Quarantäne steht hat Bau des KW Tumpen-Habichen hat bereits letzte … Weiterlesen

Planned hydro power projects in Ötztal

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As already announced, we at WET – Wildwasser erhalten Tirol are now actively campaigning for the Ötztaler Ache and against all planned hydro power developments in Ötztal. In the following you will find an overview of what is going on … Weiterlesen